Xtellis - Public Beta

Xtellis for iOS - Beta Testing Program

We are pleased to invite you to participate in a public beta testing program for Xtellis. The program is intended for owners of iOS devices and is realised by means of a freely available application - TestFlight. You need to download and install it first on your intended testing device before you can subscribe to the beta.

All you need to do in order to participate in the beta is send us a message at beta@xtellis.ch stating your interest in participation. You do not need to give us any information (even your name is not mandatory, you can use a nickname). In case you do, we assure you that we will not use it for any other purpose than providing you with the beta software and collecting your feedback.

Once we receive your email we will add it to the list of participants and you will receive an invitation email from the TestFlight system supplying you with the Redeem Code. You will have to provide it in your TestFlight application in order to download the beta software.

The beta software installation is a completely automated process controlled by TestFlight and very similar to the AppStore experience. Unlike AppStore you will have simultaneous access to multiple builds of the software and it will be up to you to update to the newest build. We would appreciate testing the newest builds and we will eventually expire some of the older builds.

We would like you to provide us with feedback regarding all aspects of the game - the ambience, story, user interface, music, art, network gameplay, campaign mode, difficulty, technical details, bugs and other issues, etc. We are particularly open to suggestions of solutions and improvements but pure bug reports are equally highly appreciated. Feel free to contact us using the same beta@xtellis.ch email as used for subscription. You can do this at any time and every email regarding the game is welcome.

If you would like to stop participating in the beta program you can simply uninstall Xtellis from your iOS device and (optionally) remove the TestFlight software as well.

We hope to welcome you soon in the ranks of our Beta Testers. For participants providing useful feedback we have envisioned a line in the Credits and a free copy of the final game. By useful we mean things that are desirable by the general public and realistic to implement within the limited timeframe until the game release by our team of 1 (one) programmer 😂😁 We are in a bit of a hurry so in order to be considered for the Credits line during the launch on June 1st 2018 you must submit your feedback before May 30 2018. For a free copy the deadline is July 1st 2018. Selected people who missed the first deadline will be added to the Credits in a July update. The entire beta program ends on July 1st 2018. We hope that these deadlines will keep us all energetic and focused on the task of squeezing the maximum out of Xtellis in the limited timeframe 😀 Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you soon!

-- The Xtellis Team

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